Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life According to Ren....Welcome to Blogging

I decided today to start a blog site.  Mainly, I think as an outlet for me to be creative and also to help me through trying times.  Life according to Ren seemed an appropriate title, since I tend to have a quirky view on a life, as I have been told many times by friends and family. I have a feeling that many of my topics of discussion will have to do with what is currently happening in my own life.  Perhaps later, the blog will take a different direction.  On some days, it may be sheer venting on my part, on others I will share a lesson I have learned (generally the hard way), or maybe I can offer some advice on something that will help others.

This is new to me, so I am sure I will make mistakes along the way.  Please know that I will be frank, as I have always been an open book.  There may be personal experiences that I share that some may feel that I should not be discussing them publicly.  For those of you that feel this way, you don't have to follow or read what I write.  I will try to be tactful as best I can.  Perhaps I should change the names in some of my stories to protect the innocent or guilty (whichever is more appropriate at the time).  But those of you who know me best will likely be able to figure it out.

I am looking forward to this new project of mine.  I will develop the site as I go.  Can't wait to see where it takes me.